Sona School of Management keeps their roots strong by building a strong network alumnus of the institution. Every year the school invites the entire alumnus to come together to share their thoughts and opinions about the learning they got from Sona School of Management. They are involved in building up the curriculum for the next gen leaders. Alumnus is always invited to be a part of Board of Members during curriculum design and development.

Alumni members are also given a separate place in the block to discuss and guide their juniors in various aspects related to entrepreneurship and job search.

I have spent two years of my most precious time in SONA during academic year 2009/11. The learning environment which I got in Sona is totally different from rest of the world. The rules and regulations are totally student friendly in the Sona campus. I can say the only one place where education in not a business. Teachers of Sona are very helpful teachers than other colleges which I found. I was a weak student and unaware of English as I got my education in remote place of my country in local language medium so far but Sona has nurtured me and made me what I am today. Sona made me more disciplined and helped me to grow not only professionally but holistically as a good human being. I would always be grateful to Sona for giving me a multi-dimensional learning by providing the apt mix of academics, industry exposure, attitude and leadership.


Ashok Raj Thakur
Research Scholar
Dept. of Commerce & Management Studies
Visakhapatnam, AP
(Sona MBA Batch 2009-11)

I always wanted to join a college which would help me to sharpen my abilities and potential in both academics and extra- curricular activities. I have been able to get best of both at Sona. The guidance of versatile faculty members and the learning environment has definitely nurtured positive attitude and self -confidence within me.


(Sona MBA Batch 2010-12)

Sona is honestly a special place. It has definitely obtained the healthy balance between academic work and the industry exposure. I really can’t imagine my MBA experience being any better than this. I would recommend anyone who has the opportunity to join here.

My experience in Sona was ecstatic in all possible ways. I wanted a institute with a culture that will not intimidate nor the one which will not take me down. I’m thankful to myself that I made right decision. The faculty internally and visiting both had not just imparted the knowledge but also shared a humanitarian perspective to use knowledge wisely. Thank you for making a greater impact in my life. I venerate the whole 2 years of my life in Sona.


Harish Santhu
Financial Analyst
Accenture, Bangalore
(Sona MBA Batch 2009-11)

Entering Sona is one of the best things to happen in my life, both on personal and professional front. It has inculcated a lot of intra and interpersonal skills which is one of my key learning by being a part of the Sona family.


Assistant Manager, Carat Lane

Sona provides a platform to learn, create and develop managerial skills which will upgrade you with current trend of corporate culture. Faculty is of high standards guiding students and also providing them with required freedom to learn as per industry standards. I highly recommend students to join Sona for an excellent career. Sweet to be in Sona for 2 years, you will not struggle rest of your life.


HR Executive
Technosoft Corporation, Chennai
(Sona MBA Batch 2012-14)

Its been a great privilege for me to be an alumni of Sona School of Management. I am truly humbled with the Alma mater, which helped me mould into a person I am today. The programme has instilled confidence in me to face any kind of life challenges. It has also given me the ability to manage every stage in my life. Sona has been one of the biggest milestones in my career. I thank all my professors for helping me achieve excellence in education as a Gold Medalist with Rank 16 in the University Examinations.


Sowmya. S
Facilitator with TIPS