International Conference on Future Work Organizations: Day 1

Sona School of Management organizes two day International Conference on Future work organizations: Perspectives Issues and Challenges on 29th to 30th December 2017 at Goa University, Goa. 
Prof. S.P. Thenmozhi, convener of the conference welcomed the delegates from 9 foreign countries and 17 states of India.
The conference was inaugurated by Mr. Chocko Valliappa, founder and CEO- Vee Technologies, Bengaluru and Vice Chairman Sona Group of Institutions. He spoke on the way the technology and innovation has led to disappearance of the jobs like the drivers, tellers, typists and the revolution it has created in the automobile industry, health sector, space management, waste management, water management etc.  He discussed the changing phase from dependent managers to independent managers and now moving to interdependent managers in future.
Prof. Swarup K. Mohanty, Conference Director explained the conference theme and briefed on the need to blend technology, leadership and workforce for the future organisations.
 Prof. Kishore Kulkarni from Metropolitan State University delivered the key note address. He enlightened the participants on the economic challenges and economic recession that is likely to happen with technological developments and leading to future work organizations.
Prof. K.B. Akilesh, Senior professor, IIsc, Bengaluru, in his address told that the emerging industries would require new, jobs, skills and competencies which would differ from that of the existing ones. The exploration of such skill sets and developing the competencies for human workforce is the need of the day.
An MOU was signed between Sona College of Technology and Daffodils University. Mr. Chocko Valliappa, Vice Chairman, Sona College of Technology, Salem and Sabur Khan, Chairman, Daffodils University exchanged the MOU and the flags.

BIT COIN: Evolution or Speculation?

Money is always been a matter of at most interest for mankind. From medium of exchange to holding wealth, currencies have played a crucial role in the evolution of economic system. Interaction between demand and supply of a currency decides its value, which is basically controlled by government through a country’s central bank. But in the era of internet and technologies and when the government itself speaks about cashless economy to counter the black currency and black economy, it is quite natural that people will bring into to shape for an innovative method of monetary system which alternates physical currencies. That’s how crypto currencies came in to place.

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A Sound Body & A Sound Mind

One can think of a healthy mind only with a healthy body. Both physical and mental wellbeing are the prerequisites for a person to achieve great things in life. Bodily health is essential for ‘hard work’, which is the only road to get success in ones’ personal and professional life. An unhealthy man always feels weakness, losing confidence and hence he becomes very dull and inactive. So to keep ourselves healthy, one must take an active interest in sports.

Sports plays an essential role in everyone’s life. That’s why Sona School of management (SSoM) has a great infrastructure which supports students to take part in physical activity. As a sportsmen I felt very satisfied with the facilities of the Sona Sports complex. Through Sona’s sports support we have improved a lot in this two months of stay in our SSoM campus.

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