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Vision and Mission

Best MBA college Students


To become a top-tier business school of eminence with excellence in Management Education, Research and Practice

To build competencies through continuous learning with global mindset

  • By nurturing and shaping human capital through quality education, training, research, consulting support, and entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Regular benchmarking with the best of the league.
  • By fostering culture of learning and reflection, achievement orientation, creativity, interdependence, and respect for diversity.
  • Branding through creating value for money, concern for ethics, society and environment.


  1. Practice professional skills in management in the workplace and beyond to imbibe lifelong learning.
  2. Be innovative and emerge as successful leaders/ managers/entrepreneurs with relevant management tools.
  3. Adapt to the changing world and become socially responsible citizens with moral values for sustainable development

Program Outcomes

At the end of the programme, students should be able to:

  1. Show competencies and knowledge of functional areas of business management including economics, accounting, technology and law for integrative solutions of complex problems.
  2. Apply modern tools of computation, simulation and analysis using research based approach of problem identification, data collection, analysis and interpretation of information for logical conclusion.
  3. Communicate effectively with clear oral and written presentations in various business contexts and situations.
  4. Demonstrate leadership using a mixture of planning, organizing, controlling, team building, creativity, networking, and communication skills in a multicultural organizational set up.
  5. Work in team with professional spirit while demonstrating project management / activity management skills.
  6. Apply qualitative and quantitative tools in strategic decision-making for management issues that are diverse in nature.
  7. Integrate ethical considerations in business decisions by evaluating them with social responsibility and environmental consciousness.
  8. Incorporate the concepts of Information Technology and innovation in improving the organizational performances.
  9. Develop business ideas, prepare project proposal with regulatory requirements and locate sources of finance and other infrastructure to start a new venture.
  10. Adopt independent and life long learning so as to be updated in the field of career progression.