A Sound Body & A Sound Mind

One can think of a healthy mind only with a healthy body. Both physical and mental wellbeing are the prerequisites for a person to achieve great things in life. Bodily health is essential for ‘hard work’, which is the only road to get success in ones’ personal and professional life. An unhealthy man always feels weakness, losing confidence and hence he becomes very dull and inactive. So to keep ourselves healthy, one must take an active interest in sports.

Sports plays an essential role in everyone’s life. That’s why Sona School of management (SSoM) has a great infrastructure which supports students to take part in physical activity. As a sportsmen I felt very satisfied with the facilities of the Sona Sports complex. Through Sona’s sports support we have improved a lot in this two months of stay in our SSoM campus.

As an MBA student, through sports we have built character, strategic thinking, leadership skills, goal setting, risk taking, team building, time management etc. To put it sharp, after coming to Sona we have realized that sports has a major role in shaping one’s personality and character. Our B-school motivates students to actively participate in various competition. Through constant encouragement SSoM students have achieved in various sports at national levels. Achievements in sports are recognized and motivated by scholarships and by satisfying the needs of sporting students. SSoM – Sports Infrastructure includes indoor games such as badminton, table tennis, fencing, power gym, trampoline, swimming pool and outdoor games like tennis, basketball, football, volley ball, cricket, and hand ball. The equipment’s and facilities are well maintained by the sports board. Most importantly, SSoM Provides personalized coach for every sport and games.

As an MBA student I would say, students here not only taught to focus on theoretical concepts in classes but also use even platforms like sports to apply the theories and polish ourselves by observing how theories works on field.

I have found a place to experience learning management and administration through all walks of life.

Author: RAJESH BABU, National level Shuttle Player, MBA Batch 2017-2019 (Non- Residential)

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