An Executive interaction programme was arranged on 26th February 2018 between 11.45 am to 01.00 pm

SPEAKERS of the event includes

Chief Guest / Main Speaker

Sandra Johnson, Vice president – Revenue cycle management, Johns Hopkins Medicine

Other Speakers

Maria Stolze-Epple, Senior Director – Health Information Management, Johns Hopkins Medicine

Desmond Jackson, Director – Patient Accounts, Johns Hopkins Medicine


  • To understand the concept of Revenue Cycle Management.
  • To understand the processes of Revenue Cycle Management in Hospital Management and its importance and implications.
  • To know the difference between the Hospitals being managed in India and the US.


The Principal, Director-Academics and Senior Dean of Sona College of Technology. Faculty of Sona School of Management along with 30 of their students. And seven staffs from M/s.Veetechnologies.


Johns Hopkins Medicine (JHM), headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, is an $8 billion integrated global health enterprise and one of the leading health care systems in the United States. Johns Hopkins Medicine unites physicians and scientists of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine with the health professionals and facilities of The Johns Hopkins Hospital and Health System. The three guests has given their consent during their business visit to India and was channelized by our Vice-Chairman Mr. Chocko Valliappa.


Mr. Chocko Valliappa introduced Sona School of Management to the Guests and welcomed the Guests with a brief introduction about them. He then invited Ms. Sandra Johnson and others to address the gathering.

Ms. Sandra in her speech explained about the whole revenue cycle management process and its importance. The speech revolved around how Johns Hopkins hospitals takes care of patients and their records. She explained about the billing process, the collection cycle and the intricacies in dealing with insurance agencies and government. Also the organizational structure with its chain of command was touched upon. And how different processes are decentralized and centralized to facilitate ease process flow.

Followed by Ms. Maria stolze explained on the data entry and coding of data enabling the medical record documentation part. She spoked about how different people utilize the patients data being entered.

Mr. Desmond Jackson explained about different data being processed and the final record maintenance and its characteristics.


There was a great interaction after the Guest speeches. MBA students enthusiastically asked several Questions along with faculty of Sona and staff members from Veetechnologies. Students were curious to understand the differences between India and the US in terms of employee’s nature of working, the processes in running hospitals. A few of questions on logistic operations, value creation, benchmarking done in revenue cycle, operations during emergency and disasters are well taken.


  1. The programme clarified the conceptual meaning and implementation of Revenue Cycle Management in Hospital management.
  2. The Programme gave an insight to read more and involve the perspective of Revenue Cycle Management in the MBA curriculam and Research.
  3. The participants expressed their happiness in terms of gaining new knowledge and the interactions (esp. students’) happened during the programme.
  4. The guest speakers, the Principal, Director-Academics, senior dean expressed their happiness and appreciation for the programme.

We would like to thank our Director Prof. Swarup K Mohanty for his strategic intent, teaming and direction for making it a success.

A.Velsamy, Associate Professor, Sona School of management

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