A Guest Lecture on Paradigm Shift in Consumer Behaviour and buying patterns amidst COVID

Date(s) - 20/01/2022
11:00 am - 1:00 pm


The session had its essence on the ongoing life of an individual as a consumer and a producer. The speaker, Mr Balachander, explained smoothly about the shift of the consumer behaviour in breif. He has jotted the track, how the traditional way of dealings in the market shifted swiftly from hand to hand to online to online. The session also dived into the life styles of the people and absorbed the effect of the pandemic and its impact on the consumption level and that lead to a serious change in savings rate per individual. This session was more than useful and the students could grasp it sooner, has the effect of pandemic had its impact on each fellow students. Even though the session was made through online medium the speaker, Mr Balachander hosted it beautifully and made interactions social, implanted his version of ideas onto the students.

balachander, germany

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