Date(s) - 06/10/2022
10:30 am - 1:30 pm


An Inspirational Interactive Session on ‘Keep your Mind Fresh’ with MBA Freshers- 2022 Batch by Mr.Thyagu Valliappa, Vice Chairman, Sona Group of Institutions.

Our Young and Dynamic Vice Chairman Mr.Thyagu Valliappa, with his passion towards the welfare of MBA aspirants had an Interactive session on’ Keep your Mind Fresh’ on 6 October, 2022 at Sri Valliappa Auditorium. Principal, Sona College of Technology, Principal, Arts and Science College, Principal and faculty from Sona Ayush College, Sona Star Head and MBA Faculty were present with first year MBA students.

He started with the phrase ‘Set the tone’ to understand that direction is important than the speed. He gave the insight that the students are here to this level of Education because of their parents and Grandparents and have asked to have a connect with them and ‘Learn from Everything’. He also said to use their intelligence than Artificial intelligence and adopt a multitasking way that could help in their future in terms of more than one income streams. Students with family Business can take up forward through Automation, Technology and Social media analytics. He inspirited on the value rather than the cost. He also vitalized by insisting upon a balanced life with sports, fitness, culturals and societal activities. The tactics he said were ‘Convey, Convince, Convert’, ‘Assess, Analyse, Plan’ ,’ROTE-Return on Time and Effort’ to have a Healthy Mind set. He added the affected mind would create emotional toxins and brings in jealousy, hatred and anger. Hence to shut the unnecessary information. He inspired students saying ‘Deep Rootedness’ is essential for 100 % holistic human. He also had inculcated the moral values like ‘ Judge no one’, ’Improve Yourself’, ’Be a Doer’, ’Not to raise voice in arguments’, ’Organised person’, ’Reduce Negativity’, ’commitment to work for salary’ and to have a consistent growth. The speech was very much inspiring , mind refreshing and motivation to the students and faculty. Sona School of Management expresses a heartfelt gratitude for the Vice Chairman Mr.Thyagu Valiiappa for his deliberate speech.


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