Date(s) - 24/06/2020
10:30 am - 12:00 pm

Sona School of Management, Salem, Tamilnadu, India

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Webinar by Mr.Thyagu Valliappa, on Integration of Management and Technology is the new norm for Innovative Solutions in all walks of life”

Sona School of Management, conducted an online webinar on the 24th of June,2020, presented by Shri. Thyagu Valliappa, Vice Chairman, Sona Group of Institutions. Shri. Thyagu Valliappa began the presentation by narrating the history of Sona Group of Institutions, and the founder’s vision. The uncertain situation of the current VUCA world was discussed initially, and how it is alarmingly different from what we had expected. The following content were discussed by Shri. Thyagu Valliappa, in the webinar further.

“It is the time for evolution of new strategies involving technology. Technology can be the game changer in the uncertain situations like this. Is management supporting technology or technology supporting management is the key. Both work together like the two hands of humans. Biggest wealth one can have today is better health. In such times, where a pandemic is in topic, this is something each and everyone must focus. Value engineering is to be looked upon. The output is what that matters. Technology investment is the driver for such output aiming towards cost Vs. quality aspect.”

“The modern day technologies like ECG are life saving. Agriculture, technology, innovation are opportunities given to mankind. Plan B is the alternative required in an unpredictable world. Learning comes from failures. Thomas Alva Edison quote stating the importance of trying despite of failure was quoted. It goes like the most certain way to succeed is always the one more time you try. That is where the failure becomes a success. The scope of today’s world and Salem is impeccable. It could be a central hub in transport, and all kinds of businesses could be facilitated. Development of Salem through various collaborations is the main  aim. Sona paves way to successful graduates with Japanese knowledge. The Sona Garage aims in bringing out new brands from new talents. It aims in co-working and co-research with technological advancements blended with management skills. The scope of Make in India, startups must be realised. Knowledge adaptability via various CEO talks could be the new game changer . New world is full of changes. Planning is the main aspect.”

“Japan overcame the aftermath of Hiroshima and Nagasaki menace. We must also strive towards such goals to overcome the challenges world has put forth. Optimistic approach towards industry collaborations and creative platforms via consulting, assessments. Various departments need to collaborate with the management field. Alumni across the world could try and use the Sona Garage. In Sona, Learning Management Systems like Blackboard, lecture capturing and other digital learning serves the purpose. Sona has conducted nearly 250 events based on these systems. It must be kept in mind that we must always approach a situation in a positive manner. The glass is half full rather than seeing it as half empty must be understood by everyone. The future is bright if we approach our problems as opportunities.”

Queries were welcomed and many people raised their queries and got it clarified. There were nearly 300 attendees from all over the world who got benefitted by this webinar which was inevitable in the current scenario.

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Sona is one of the fastest growing technical institutions in India and a leading engineering college in South India.

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