MBA students show case marketing acumen in Sona Bazaar campus carnival

Date(s) - 02/03/2021
10:00 am - 5:00 pm


College life is best experienced on the carnival day. Sona Bazaar a campus carnival organized by MBA students of Sona School of Management on March 2, 2021, brought excitement, fun  to students in general and learning by doing to the student organisors. 

College Vice Chairman Thyagu Valliappa inaugurated the stalls of food, snacks, drinks, pastries, games, clothes, fancy materials, fashion accessories and many more. 

The platform was created to empower students to pursue entrepreneurship and marketing techniques which they have learned during their course. The Bazaar featured 32 with a participation of around 250 students comprising of services, food and textiles. Students were allotted with the stalls on the eve and promotional strategies were carried out in a tremendous way through campus canvas, promo video, pamphlets and telecast in all social media. 

Taking this opportunity, students showcased Sona Ayush Health care products, 90’s mittai, Nitrogen biscuits, Fuljar soda, Jigarthanda, Milkshakes, MocktailsCosemeticsSareesJewellery, Men’s wear, Women’s trends, Bakery items, Ice cream, Plant seed French fries, smileys etc… 

The students said they have understood the way of generating capital, team work, coordination, working towards a common purpose and sharing the profit.  

The event was organized by the students with guidance from Dr.P.Praba Devi, Dr.V.P.Ramesh Kumar and Jothy V Francina. 

Sona Bazaar 2021

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