The first year and the final year students of Sona School of Management react to the greatest threat of today, the pandemic, COVID 19 outbreak. They talk about how the issue affected them and how Sona School of Management offers alternate solutions to the learning outcomes of students. They are not denied of their learning process, as Sona School of Management has been instilling the urge to learn via various virtual learning management systems like blackboard, moodle, and online lecture capturing system, NPTEL online courses, Mcgraw Hill online content etc., The pandemic has paved way to realize the unending usage of technology and online platforms in education. Sona School of Management makes its online presence visible to all the learners to create a bright moulded future effectively. The students also spoke about how they miss their class activities and the interactive faculty members of SSoM. The drive to learn and cherish has been taught to the younger generation. Students also mentioned that they are new to this king of online learning platforms and that they tend to face issues like network connectivity and bandwidth issues at their respective locations. These issues are discussed with the faculty members, who are very supportive in every aspect of the students. Faculty mentoring and cold calling helps in follow up activities pertaining to the issues faced by students. It has been a challenging talk in implementing the online platforms for learning, and students along with the guidance of faculty are trying to cope up with it.

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Sona is one of the fastest growing technical institutions in India and a leading engineering college in South India.

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