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SSOM is one of the pioneering b-schools to use an effective, interactive LMS Blackboard. BB provides diverse ways of knowledge enrichment activities, which allows students and faculty to exchange their intellectual and academic pursuits. In SSOM, via blackboard Students are encouraged to take part in discussion forums, competitions, group discussions, class activities in an active manner. BB is effectively used by the faculty of SSOM for sharing learning resources like PPT, Videos, articles, research papers, e-books and so on. More over the assessments like tests, quizzes are regularly conducted through BB and evaluated instantly with automatic marking and grading facilities.

BB kindles the enthusiasm of the students to actively participate in various academic activities and paves way for tracking and monitoring student’s activities for relevant course. BB gives upper hand for the faculty to evaluate the performance of individual students with the help of course activity overview feature. The academic assignments which are submitted by students are checked instantly by in-build plagiarism Software to ensure the quality and authenticity of the content.