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Dr.P.Kamalakannan , Assistant Professor


+91 427 - 4099 818

Dr.P.Kamalakannan ,A Quality-oriented professional with 14 years of experience in Teaching and Corporate Relations. He teaches Accounting and Finance subjects. He is a technocrat and puts data into use. Areas of interest includes Business Analytics, Intelligence, Financial Modelling and Microsoft Excel.   
Having Ample Experience & skills in conducting FDPs, MDPs, Workshops, Trainings, Seminars and Conferences. Belonging to the team of MBA Placements, assisted in Campus Recruitment, Students Training & Development. He is acknowledged for expertise in providing consultation to industry clients in the areas of Market Research and Surveys. 
Acted as Resource person for (100 sessions +) for Employees Orientation Programmes. Attended 8 FDPs, 17 State / National Level, 3 International conferences / Seminars and 8 National / International Publications. 
He has Authored a Book on Accounting for Managers for MBA Anna University Students. Admin for Social Networking sites of Sona school of Management – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn University Page. Awarded as “DRONACHARYA” – Best Teacher Award by Team Tanishq on Teacher’s Day. He has qualified SET in Management Studies.

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  2. Human resources management practices and organizational commitment in textile industry-Asian Journal of research in social sciences and humanities-2016-17
  3. Cross sell entrepreneurship strategy to uplift the business environment-Shanlax  International Journal of Management-2015-16
  4. CRM – A Competence Mapping in the Success of Marketing Strategy-Shanlax  International Journal of Management-2015-16