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Volume 10, NO 2 February 2016
From Editor
S.P.Thenmozhi Editorial
Vasant Kothari, Soney Mathews Necessity of Kids wear Safety Regulations for India: Viewpoint of Retailers
D.Kesavan, T.Vanniarajan Financial Inclusion in Madurai District: A SERVQUAL Approach
Jyoti Sharma, Tejeshwar Singh, Komal Nagar Modeling Total Quality Service (TQS) and Financial Performance Through Service Profit Chain
Shailesh Rastogi Levered Capital structure: Boom or Doom For Long – Term Sustainability
M. Rajalakshmi, S.Gomathi Relationship Between Workplace Bullying and Organisational Culture
Volume 10, NO 3 May 2016
From Editor
S.P.Thenmozhi Editorial
K.Anil Kumar, Subhashree Natarajan Role of Social Media in Political Campaigning and its Evaluation Methodology: A Review
R. Arthi, G.N.Sumathi Emotional Intelligence and Job Performance among School Teachers – an Empirical Approach
K.A.Asraar Ahmed, A.S.Sathish Examining the Factors that Affect 3G Mobile Data Service Continuance Intention among Young Indian(IT) Working Professionals
Pulidindi Venugopal, Sivaji Jinka, S.Aswini Priya User acceptance of Electronic Health records: Cross Validation of Utaut Model
T.Swamy, Pramanshu Shukla, Shreyas Ganesan Iyer, Rishi Gupta Review Paper on Emergence of Bitcoin In India, its Technological Aspects and Legal Implications
Feba Thomas, G.N.Sumathi Acculturative Stress and Social Support among the International Students: An Empirical approach
A.Jency Priyadharshany, S.Sujatha Psychological Empowerment and Individual Creativity: Millennium Trend of Management
M. Kokila, R.Subashini Stress Faced by Women Entrepreneurs – A Critical Review
P.Sathish, K.Sakthi Srinivasan Performance Evaluation of Selected Open Ended Mutual Fund Schemes In India: An Empirical Study
Shaik Nagoor Meera, Rama.B.Rao, Ganesan, D.K.Prathibha Growth and Performance of Electricity Sector in Rwanda – A Descriptive Analysis
Srinidhi K. Parhasarathi, P.N.Reddy, K.V.S. Rajeswara Rao Spirituality Contained in Bhagavad Gita and its Contribution to Improving Quality of Classroom Learning Environment – Relevance to B-Schools in India